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Importance Of Hiring A Licensed Plumber In California: Requirements for having a plumbing license in California

Today, we are going to share the most exciting information about hiring a licensed plumber in California. We will discuss why it is always essential to hire a licensed plumber in California, why what happens if you don’t hire the professional and licensed plumber.

But before that, we will discuss the requirements for having a plumbing license in California. So, this article is useful for both plumbers and customers. However, continue reading this article because we have a lot to share.

California Plumbing License Requirements

Did you know there is no need of having a license to be a Journeyman Plumber or Apprentice Plumber in California? Yes, you have heard it right. Also, there is no such Master Plumber or any such terms in California. You can be a contractor. That is mean the person or business should be licensed to be hired for plumbing work with a value of $500 or more is the contractor. So, it is not necessary to have licensed to be an apprentice or journeyman plumber in California.

Contractor: If you want to do plumbing work with a contract value of $500 or more in California, then you must be licensed in that situation. However, the contractor license at beginning only valid for two years and may be renewed for two years terms.

  1. To get plumbing licensed in California, you must be 18 years of age or even older.
  2. No education requirements.
  3. For California Contractors State License Board (CSLB), you are required to submit a full set of fingerprints so that you can thoroughly check for criminal background.
  • To get a contractor license, you must have experience and the required skills to manage construction business-related tasks, which include field supervision, etc. Moreover, you must be represented by someone else with all the needed skills and experience, who serves as your qualifying individual.
  1. Experience and Skills:
  • It is essential to have at least four years of experience to qualify to take the examination. Yes, the experience credit is only awarded for your experience at a journey-level or as a contractor, foreman, supervising the employee.
  • For claiming your experience, it must be verified by a responsible person, who has carefully observed your work and complete your experience certification. You can also be asked to furnish documentation of any experience you claim on your application, so it is essential for you to provide that documentation. If you fail to do so, then you can be eligible for rejection.  
  • The applicant may receive a credit of as much as three years against the four years practice experience requirement. These credits will be granted for your technical training or education.
  1. Qualifying Individual:
  • Well, the qualifying individual for the license is only responsible for the employer’s construction operations.
  • That is mean, a qualifying individual is maybe a business owner or a responsible managing employee (RME).
  • If the qualifying person is an RME, then it is vital to have a bona fide employee of the firm. However, it means the RME must be a regular employee of the firm that had been actively involved in the business operation at least 32 hours per week or 80% of the total business operating hours per week.
  1. A qualified individual must meet the financial requirements for having Contractors License. That is mean, he must maintain a current Contractor’s Bond or Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage.
  2. You need to obtain and complete the Original Contractor’s License Application. Once you fill the application form, you will get to know whether you are required to take the test or not. So carefully read and follow directions for submitting an application, fees, and the other supporting documentation.
  3. If you are required to take the exam, you can visit the CSLB website. Here you will be guided for the license application process.

These are some of the requirements to be a contractor in California. Now we will discuss why hiring a licensed plumber is of great importance.

Why Is Hiring A Licensed Plumber Important?

No doubt, hiring a plumber is itself a great challenge. Frequently, it is an emergency, and we need fast and efficient services. Nobody has enough time to talk with relatives and friends for recommendations. So what to do in such a situation? Well, you don’t need to worry because we are here to help you. We will tell you what to look for hiring a plumber, and you can get the benefit.

  • A Licensed Plumber Is Experienced:

You are looking for professional and fast plumbing services. Right? There are even many people who don’t know the difference between licensed and unlicensed plumbers. But the difference can be critical in terms of quality, and turnaround time. A professional and licensed plumber will charge more, and at the same time will offer you premium services in less time. That is so because of his years of experience.

  • A Licensed Plumber Is Professional and Well-trained:

When you hire a well-trained plumber, you are not only paying for the services, but you are paying for his expertise and experience. He no doubt has full knowledge about every condition, and he must have completed thousands of successful projects as well.

  • A Licensed Plumber Will Save You Money:

Do you know hiring an unlicensed plumber can cost you more as compared to a licensed one? Yes, a licensed plumber can save you a lot of money in the long run by doing the right job on time. He uses the professional tools, and proper techniques to get the job done, and give you peace of mind.

What Happen When You Hire Unlicensed Plumber?

No doubt, saving money and time is a necessity these days, so don’t let yourself be fooled by unlicensed plumbers who offer dubiously low rates. Here are the reasons why you should not opt for an unlicensed plumber.

  • Home Safety:

Your home safety is essential, but it can compromise if you depend on unlicensed and unprofessional plumber services. Yes, due to not having enough training, he can put your life and your children live in danger.

  • Insurance:

When you hire a local unlicensed plumber, you actually compromise on the insurance policy and can be liable for all the damage that has been occurred.

  • Poor Quality Work:

Hey, never expect high-quality work from a layman plumber, who don’t know how to get the job done on time with perfection. By doing so, you would only waste your money and time, and it will cost you double.

To learn more about the requirements of licensed plumbers, visit the CSLB website


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