Hydro Jetting 

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the application of high-powered water flow to breakdown the grit, dirt and sludge that have built up inside plumbing pipes. As grease and compounds accumulate in your plumbing works over-time, it increases the risk of forming a severe clog. These blockages cannot be addressed with regular plungers but requires the powerful force and pressure of a burst of water to remove it. The process of rodding is a popular alternative to clearing blocked pipes; however, it simply cannot match the clean and the rapid results achieved with hydro jetting. The power of hydro jetting can help clear the pipes of all dirt including tough grease and sludge. It is as efficient as it is effective, supporting the more affordable removal of clogs in your pipes and plumbing systems.

Hydro jetting is powerful, precise and can remove clogs in both residential and commercial properties. When a cleanout is performed the plumber must assess the nature of the clog and ensure ease of accessibility to the affected pipes. A specialized hose designed to produce high powered water pressure from a connected tank will be used to perform the hydro jet procedure. The water expelled from the hose will move up the pipes at such speed and force that it easily and quickly disintegrates even the toughest blockages inside pipes. The debris that is dislodged will be flushed out of the pipes owing to gravity. It is one of the most popular plumbing techniques used to remove the toughest blockages.

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When to Use Hydro Jetting in Los Angeles

Hydro jetting is performed in cases of major clogs along water pipes including kitchen plumbing works and main sewer lines. While hydro jetting is most effective and growing in popularity, it is not the first line of defense when you need clear pipe works.

Preventative maintenance of commercial properties and systems will incorporate the contemporary practice of hydro jetting. When small to large pipes, specifically in commercial settings, have not been properly maintained, sludge and dirt can quickly accumulate. Preventative maintenance can also be applied for areas frequently utilizing the pipes to flush water from main plumbing systems. The hydro jet can breakdown the clogs with efficiency but should only ever be used where it is safe to do so. Only licensed plumbing professionals who are equipped and trained to properly apply hydro jetting services should be hired. It is imperative that an authorized provider of this approach is relied upon for safe and effective results.


From the invasion of roots to scale-build-up, hydro-jetting is a powerful and an effective solution aimed at clearing the internal condition of pipes. It is most effective against the removal of scale, sludge and grease in both residential and commercial applications. Restaurants and businesses in which large volumes of grease are produced and flushed through plumbing pipes, will be at risk of major clogs. The buildup of oils and sludge will prevent the normal flow of water causing major system back-ups and drain overflows. This method will deliver a powerful force of water into the pipes supporting the breakdown of the grease and the free flow of water.

A major advantage is the ability to get rid of the toughest clogs without destroying the property. Previous plumbing solutions were restricted when it came to managing a tough clog. This includes breaking up the floor and the pipes to reach the blockage. Hydro jetting eliminates the possibility of destruction using water pressure to clear the pipes. It also saves time as less force and labor are required to eliminate clogs and blockages. As hydro jetting grows with popularity so does the ease within which troublesome blockages are removed and prevented. All hydro jet procedures must be delivered with the professionalism and the experience of a licensed plumber.

Hydro Jetting vs Snaking

The maintenance of your sewer line is an important part of preventing clogs and overflows. When your pipes do suffer a clog and require intervention, then two of the most common procedures include snaking and hydro jetting. Snaking includes the use of an extended rod that breaks up the clog allowing water to flow through the pipes. Hydro jetting consists of a blast of water at an extreme pressure clearing the build of grease and grime along the pipes. While both are effective, one has a distinct advantage over the other. Understanding the differences between the application of hydro jetting and snaking can deliver effective results when you need to eliminate the presence of major blockages.

The process of snaking in plumbing includes the use of an auger. This consists of an extended steel rod with a coil at the end. The rod is inserted and worked through the pipe helping to clear the path as it moves through the clog. It can be used to unblock grease, grime and tree roots. Snaking is most effective for use in pipes that are of a fragile condition.

While it is one of the oldest plumbing methods to unclog a pipe, it is also incredibly labor intensive and cannot clear the whole pipe of the clog. Hydro jetting is a force of high-pressure water delivered up through pipes and clears all types of clogs including tree roots with efficiency. Powerful jets of water can clear the whole pipe minimizing the frequency of future clogs. A professional plumber can deliver hydro jetting to prevent damage to weak pipes while ensuring your clogs are cleared and plumbing matters resolved.


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