Drain Rooter

How Can A Drain Rooter Be Used To Fix A Clogged Drain?

If the drain of your shower, bathtub or sink is either clogged or not working properly, then it can lead to discomfort. A clogged sewage line can lead to mold, moisture on the walls, and even bad odor, which is why the issue needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently. This plumbing task can be carried out with the help of a drain rooter.

What is a Drain Rooter?

A drain rooter is a long metallic cable that reaches down the pipe to remove the clog from the pipe. It has a small auger or uncoiled spring connected on one end and a handle on the other. Most drain rooters have a rotatable handle and a crankle to ensure easy use.

A drain rooter is used to dislodge clogs in sinks, showers, and bathtubs. It is a flexible auger which easily bends inside the pipe, depending upon the pipe’s curve. It is also called a plumber’s snake due to its shape. These plumber’s snakes are extremely useful as they are slender and can fit into pipes of various sizes. A drain rooter is long and can reach clogs that are very far from the drain’s opening hole. These features make the drain rooter handy plumbing equipment for cleaning drains.

 To make sure that the drain cleaning is efficient, one must ensure that auger is the right size for the drain’s pipe when buying a drain snake. There are various types of drain rooters or augers available in the market, it is essential to choose the right one for your plumbing needs.

  • Manual Snake Cable: The most basic type of drain snake available is the manual cable. The manual snake is usually longer than 25 feet and you can even find drain snakes with a length of 50 feet, at some stores. Another type of manual snake cable is the flat tape snake. These drain rooters are usually used in narrow pipes.
  • Power Snakes: Drain snakes that work with power are attached to an electric drill, making the drain cleaning procedure easier.

How does a Drain Rooter Work?

It is a coiled spiral snake that is inserted in the open hole of the drainpipe after removing the trap. After the snake is inside the pipe, it has to be pushed so that it goes further down the drain and reaches the blockage. When pushed inside, the drain rooter breaks the clogs and accumulated dirt from the inner surface of the pipe. Moreover, if there is a major blockage, then it gets stuck to the drain rooter.

The broken parts of dust and grime get flushed down the drain with the water, while accumulated waste may even come up when the snake is pulled up again.

 What is the Snaking Procedure for Drain Cleaning?

  1. Remove the drain cover of the clogged drain so that you can insert the plumber’s snake inside.
  2. Push the snake inside the drainpipe, while you hold on to the handle or the machine.
  3. If the clog is only 2 to 3 feet from the cover, then you can easily locate it. If the clog is deeper then you need to push the snake inside till it hits the resistance.
  4. Once you hit the resistance, turn the snake so that it hooks on to the clog.
  5. To ensure the blockage has been cleared, you can put some water into the drain. If the water runs past the snake without a problem, then the clogging problem is fixed.
  6. After the drain cleaning is effectively completed, reverse the rotational direction of the drain rooter and pull the snake back up.
  7. Run the water for a couple of minutes to ensure that the drain is working properly. The water will flush out the remaining debris from the pipe.

 Using a drain snake is not a complex task. However, if you are facing a very bad clogging, then you can take the help of a professional plumber to ensure that the task is completed satisfactorily.

 When is a Drain Rooter Used?

A drain snake is the perfect plumbing equipment for drains that have been clogged by hair and other solid waste. However, sticky grime can be harder to remove with snaking. While there are other plumbing equipment like household plungers and big plumbing guns available to clear clogged sewage, snaking is much more efficient and effective in drain cleaning.

Drain snakes are useful in the removal of stubborn clogs, as this equipment is much more powerful than a plunger.

A common problem faced by most households is the clogging of a drain, due to the dumping of plastic and construction material in the drain. Whether it is kids’ fault or an accident, a clogged toilet is a bathroom nightmare. However, an efficient drain rooter can give relief from the problem. This is why the drain rooter is also called toilet jack. The toilet auger or the water closet auger is a compatible drain snake for clogged toilets. There are both manual and power toilet augers available in the market. These are extra-flexible cable and may even come with plastic or rubber surface, to prevent damage to your toilet.

 A drain rooter also comes in handy in case of a sink, bathtub, and shower clogs that have been caused by the accumulation of dirt and hair. Regular use of a drain rooter for these drainage pipes can help you prevent clogging problems. Using a drain rooter can keep the drain working at its optimum level and is a great bathroom maintenance measure.

 While some drain rooters can be costly, a simple manually used snake is reasonably priced. However, you must avoid buying a cheaper and low-quality drain snake, as cheaper drain snakes might break when they are inside the pipe. This will, in turn, lead to an increased clogging issue. Drain snakes are available at most hardware stores. Moreover, you can also look for reliable drain rooters online. There are a variety of drain snakes available in the market and you can take an expert’s opinion to choose the right one.



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