Gas Water Heater and Tankless Water Heater

Water, no doubt plays an essential role in human life. Apart from drinking, it is also used for carrying out a variety of domestic purposes like cooking, washing, bathing, etc. and for various professional purposes as well. But with winters in full force this very elemental component that is supposed to create life feels as if it is sucking the life from within. This creates a hindrance in carrying out daily chores which in turn creates a demand for water heating.

 What do you mean by water heating?

Water heating in simple words can be explained as the process of transferring heat from an energy source to warm water above its normal temperature. The tool that does that is called a water heating system. It is nowadays a common fixture and can easily be found in many homes. Typically, it looks like a cylinder that consists of tall drums. It heats the water inside the cylindrical structure and then delivers hot water right to the faucet. The heaters use an ingenious design and technique to carry out this complex process.

 Now, in case your curiosity is piqued and you are interested in learning more about the workings of this innovative tool, then read this article further. 

Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters do not use a storage tank. They serve you hot water by warming the cool water as it travels through the pipe and not by continually heating the water stored in the tank. This is done either with the help of a gas burner or by using electric elements. As a result of this, the tankless water heaters are capable of constantly delivering hot water and also they do not require users to wait for long hours. But in tankless heaters, the output limits the flow rate. Generally, the tankless water heaters provide hot water at the rate of 2-5 gallons every minute.

Advantages of using a tankless water heater

Using a tankless water heater offers the user many advantages. Some of them include-

  • Saving energy

In joint families where many people live under the same roof, a lot of water gets used. As a result of this, the water is required to be heated many times. Now in this circumstance, if tankless water heaters are used then they can help the consumer in saving 24%-34% energy.

  • Conserve natural gas

Tankless heaters help in serving the environment by conserving natural gas.

  • Reduces costs 

The initial costs of purchasing a tankless water heater is a little more than the cost of conventional storage heater. But tankless heater heaters have lower energy and operating costs, this generally offsets its higher purchase price.

  • Life expectancy

The tankless water heaters generally have a life expectancy of around 20 years which is more than the life expectancy of storage heaters that is somewhere between 10-15 years. Apart from this, many parts in the tankless water heaters are also replaceable, as a result of which their life expectancy betters even more.

Gas Heaters

The gas water tank heaters are commonly found in homes. This is mostly because they are easy to operate and they never run out of hot water. Now after this when you open the tap the hot water from the top flows out. In the tank, as soon the hot water rushes out the cold water enters. Because of this, the cold water settles at the bottom of the tank while the hot water comes at the top. This works on the principle that the warm water rises up. Now, as soon as the temperature in the tank goes below the thermostat set-point, the water heater warms the water by recovering the set temperature.

Advantages of using gas heaters

  • Faster heater

The gas water systems generally have the capacity to warm the hot water twice as faster as the electric model. So, where the electric model may require you to wait for an hour for heating 25 gallons of water, the gas heaters are capable of warming 50 gallons of water at the same time. This means that the consumer has lesser chances of running out of hot water.

  • May work during a blackout

Gas water heaters are a very likely choice for places that face frequent power cuts. Wondering why is that? Well, it is because the gas heaters that work with a pilot light instead of an electric ignition are capable of warming water even if the power is cut.

  • Easy to install

Another advantage of using this type of heaters is that installing them is quite easy. So it saves you from going through a lot of trouble.

  • Lower energy costs

It is true that the electric water heaters are more energy-efficient as compared to the gas heaters because in the case of gas heaters the heat loss happens from the wall and gases get exhausted. 

What is the difference between the two?

  • Whereas the installation cost of tankless water heaters is more, their operation cost is less. So if you have a fixed modest income you should go for gas water heaters but in case you can manage the big initial burden then choose the gas water heater.
  • The gas water heaters can work during the blackout as well while the electric tankless water heaters will fail to do so.

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