Sewer Camera Inspections

We believe in combining advanced plumbing technology with our tried and tested traditions to bring instant and long-term solutions for our clients. Whether you notice the smell emanating from your drain first or walk into a flooded basement, a blocked sewer system is not a pleasant experience! To accurately detect where your drain has become blocked, DX Plumbing uses sewer cameras. Using a sewer camera feed into the pipes, we can see exactly what is causing the blockage and where it is located. We let you know exactly what you are dealing with and the best technique to remove the blockage. Using advanced camera inspection technology, we can determine where clogs are present without having to dig up the ground or cause additional property damage. Sewer Cameras can work its way through any type of pipe and provide us with the information we need to act swiftly

Modern Sewer and Drain Camera Technology

DX Plumbing incorporates the modern camera inspection to avoid using large machinery to detect and remove the clog. Our drain camera inspections are also performed to identify the success of new pipe installations, ensuring all pipes are properly connected and functional. We will come out to inspect the clog using our efficient and cost-effective camera technology, snaking and hydro jetting applications where applicable. Our services are fast, effective and deliver on its promises. Get rid of clogs once and for all with the assistance of your experienced, licensed and attentive plumbers you can depend on.

Our sewer and drain cameras are provided by the prominent manufacture Ridgid

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