Sewer Repairs and Replacement

If you are suffering from ongoing drain clogs and foul sewerage odors, perhaps it is time to contact DX Plumbing for a drain and sewer inspection. Signs that your main sewer line is problematic include bad odors and constant ground moisture. Do not live with the frustration and embarrassment of drainage problems; contact us to assist with essential repairs and replacement of your sewer lines.

At DX Plumbing we specialize in the full repair and the replacement of damaged sewer and drainage lines. With our years of industry experience, combined with our use of specialized equipment we can tend to sewer line problems with haste and expertise.

Camera inspections are commonly used where drain and sewer problems persist. It is a faster, more reliable and cost-effective way to locate the source for the plumbing issue. This prevents the complications and expense of causing damage to your property to reach the underground pipes.

We will determine whether your sewer lines can be repaired. Intrusions by surrounding tree roots or cracks that form over time, are addressed with our precision techniques and use of quality product replacement. Once you suspect that your sewer line is damaged, it is time to act quickly. Leaving a damaged drainage system simply increases the risk of a buildup of gases and contaminants that can lead to major damage and destruction. Repairing your pipelines can be achieved with our guaranteed service solutions.

Should you need a completely new sewer line installed, our professional team is ready to help you. We use solid and resilient replacement pipes that cannot easily be damaged or penetrated by the roots of trees. We ensure that all areas are carefully assessed before commencement of the project to pass savings onto our customers. With our guarantee, you can have your drainage and sewer lines working optimally in no time.


How Common are Sewer Problems?

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